Hi! I'm Nacho Bassino

My mission is to help every person working on digital products to create more and better versions, achieving more success and sustainability


Generating good online products and businesses, and having the expected success (revenue, retention, high satisfaction, etc.) is a combination of efforts to understand the market, your customers and their problems, combined with an agile and robust process to iterate fast until finding the best solution.

After several years of hands-on experience in making successful products in different industries and positions (and going through all possible problems!), I decided to collect and organize that knowledge and best practices to provide clear and step-by-step explanations so you can implement it and get a better result in your product and business.

What I've been working on...

I've been doing business online for over 12 years, and I'm obsessed with finding the best ways to create them and bring them to market. During these 12 years I worked on more than 20 different products, in 3 incredible industries and all popular platforms (and all screen sizes from smartwatch to smart TV!).

Following my passion for these online businesses and digital products, I went through an infinity of positions, starting as a developer and passing through Technical leader, Project manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager and Head of Product. I had the opportunity to work in amazing companies, with great products: Verizon, Vostu, Despegar.com, Almundo.com. I even started my career as an entrepreneur in 2 of my own products before returning to the corporate world.

And of course I made every mistake imaginable in all these businesses and jobs, and I spent a generous amount of money trying to find the best training to understand how to do things right. You can see the complete list of courses in my profile of Linked in, but to avoid boring you, the short version is that I could take best practices from different places and try them on each of the products and teams in which I worked, forming thus my own way of working that I try to always update with my own tests and the latest tendencies of the industry.

Since these practices gave me good results, and since I enjoy being able to share it, I decided to give it to as many people as possible. I have participated in panels, conferences and talks, and also set up one of the few trainings programs in generation of digital products of Latin America that I dictated in the University of Palermo, as well as the online programs that you can see in this site. Thanks to this I could pass on these practices to more than a thousand people of this industry, luckily with an extremely positive reception, which motivates me to continue to expand it more and more.

The question that motivates me day by day is: "Everyone deserve better products that solve our problems with technology and innovation. How can I help make that happen faster?"

If you have a passion for digital products, and you want to keep in touch, I invite you to join hundreds of people with whom I share information.

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My full story

I was born and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a wonderful wife and 2 very young kids that are the most precious beings on earth.

From a very young age I discovered my passion for computers, starting to program for fun since I was 6 years old. I never stopped until I became a professional developer. I studied Systems Engineering, but as I always liked the "business" aspect of the products in which I worked, I went further to get a Master in Strategic Management, which allowed me to take bigger professional challenges.

I have other passions when it comes to product development and business, especially around personal and team productivity, and also constant learning. I am also amused by industries like robotics, EdTech, and new devices like wereables and everything related to IoT.

Within my hobbies the most prominents are reading, running, playing football, watching movies and sitcoms. It's often hard to find time for everything! But I’ll keep trying... But what I enjoy the most is spending time with my family and friends, in any activity that is with them (which generally involves a good meal!).

We can also get in touch through Twitter & Linked in, where you will always find the latest updates on what I'm working on, reading, using and much more!